PowerTeacher GradeBook

To access PTG go to http://ptg.bcps.k12.md.us

What is PTG?
Online Training
Face2Face Training

PowerTeacher gradebook is a full-featured grade-keeping application used to record, report, and monitor student performance. It promotes progressive grading methods, including grading student groups, easy creation of formative, summative, and diagnostic assignments, and multiple measures of central tendencies (mean, median, mode). It's designed to allow educators to assess their students' progress from many different angles in order to maximize student achievement.

The City Schools has subscribed to the Pearson PowerSource online training center for each of the teachers in our district.  In this training center you will find professionally developed tutorials to assist you in understanding the PTG and how to implement this tool into your classroom routine. 

To view the tutorials please click here.

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Training in PTG will be held at the PDC after school throughout the school year.  We require that you have completed the online tutorial before signing up to take the face to face training.  In the face to face training we will walk through the process of setting up your personal gradebook in PTG.  We will assist you in connecting your gradebook assignments to the TSS so that the assignment is visible to students and parents. 

To sign up for PTG Refresher training click here to enter iLearn.